POWERMADD - Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Star Series Mount Kits

POWERMADD - Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Star Series Mount Kits

Written on 02/13/2019
Vic Padilla

Check out these new Harley-Davidson mount kits for PowerMadd's Star Series Hand Guards.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Star Series Mount Kits - A great alternative to costly heated grips. Protect your hands from road debris and that cold winter chill. And in those hot summer days just simply pop off the featured vent cover to allowing the wind to cool off your hands while cruising down the highway. Protect yourself while giving your ride a little more attitude.

Easily add handguard style and functionality to your Harley with the Star Series Harley Davidson Mount Kits. Each kit works with the PowerMadd Star Series handguard which is available in 16 colors, including the new matte black which was specifically developed for the Harley Davidson enthusiast. Mounting brackets are CNC'd from 6061 billet aluminum and anodized in a black finish to match your stock Harley Davidson controls.

Matte Black Star Series and Harley Davidson Motorcycle Mount Kits - Combine the new matte black Star Series handguard with a Harley Davidson Mount Kit to add a custom look and great functionality to your bike. The matte Black Hand guard is the perfect color option to match the Harley denim black or for any blacked-out custom ride, there are 15 other colors to choose from. The mount kits make installation easy. The guard features a snap out vent cover for warm weather riding. Snap the cover back in to keep your hands warm in colder weather. You can also replace the vent cover with a snap-in LED light kit for that added custom look. 

Matte Black Star Series Handguards (#34233) - The newest color in the Star Series family is a perfect match for many of today's snowmobiles, ATVs and motorcycles that feature the matte black style. 

When combined with the new Harley Handguard Mount kits, the Matte Black is the perfect color for your custom ride. They look great and protect your hands! Snap out the vent cover for warm weather riding and snap it back in to keep your hands warm in the colder weather.

The Star Series handguard features a snap our vent cover for warm weather riding. Snap the vent cover back on to keep your hands warmer in colder weather.  

For more info, including fitment, visit www.powermadd.com.