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JIMS USA - Alternator Rotor Remover and Installer

Written on 02/11/2019

Gotta rmove your alternator rotor? Check out this new tool by Jims USA.

Removing or installing the high output alternator rotor on the Milwaukee Eight® requires a unique tool, and trust us - those magnets don’t budge easily!  At JIMS® we understand that using pry bars or striking with a hammer can not only damage the rotorhousing, but the magnets as well.  For $204.50 this tool easily removes and installs the alternator rotor while protecting the rare earth magnets within it. The JIMS® Alternator Rotor Remover and installer (Part No. 5812) can be purchased at your nearest JIMS® dealer. For more information please contact us at (805) 482-6913, email us at sales@jimsusa.com, or visit www.jimsusa.com.