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KNS CUSTOMS - Clear FXRP/D/T Lens Covers

Written on 01/20/2019

FINALLY! We've been waiting for someone to re-make these Harley FXRP/D/T turn signal lens covers. Up until this point, people were either tinting them, or just running them as is. Good looking out KNS Customs!

KNS Customs  is introducing an alternative to the FXRT/D/P turn signal lenses. The old lenses were brittle and prone to cracking . We developed a perfect mixture of polyurethane resin that allows the resin to be  a little More flexible then the brittle original lenses and won’t crack while screwing them to the housings. These lenses are $180 and are made to order one set at a time--and they are available in custom colours.

Visit knscustoms.com for more info.