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LUCKY DAVES - The Heavy Hitter San Diego Bar

Written on 11/17/2018

Alright, we've been sitting on this for a minute, but now we've got the green light to let you know about this killer new handlebar by Lucky Daves. It's called "The Heavy Hitter" San Diego Bar, and it just might be the ONLY mx-style t-bar from this point forward to consider for your Road Glide. It's THICK...1.5" to be exact. We've taken the Lucky Daves Road Glide out for a few test runs with this bar, and we can say that The Heavy Hitter is a real HOME RUN (pun intended)! With all of the same tight bends that made its little brother, The San Diego Bar, so popular, this new bar is ready to make a name for itself in the bagger scene. Here's what we know so far:

  • The Heavy Hitter is made from 1.5" Steel.
  • The bar is wide enough to provide the rider w/ leverage needed on heaver bikes (reducing "tail-wag"), but narrow enough to fit perfectly behind a Road Glide fairing. Great for lane-splitting.
  • The Heavy Hitter's 4.5" riser width allows for full ignition lock.
  • Available in black powder coat and chrome.
  • Made in the USA
  • Lucky Daves is currently developing a top tree to allow direct mount of The Heavy Hitter for older Road Glides and bagger models.
  • The Heavy Hitter requires Lucky Daves proprietary 4.5" bracket (pictured below).
  • Lucky Daves will be releasing a Heavy Hitter Lucky 13 in the future.

The Heavy Hitter is available starting November 19th. For more info, visit www.luckydaves.com.