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NAMZ - New "Switchback" LED Inserts Coming Soon

Written on 09/18/2018

Keep your eyes peeled for new "Switchback" LED inserts from NAMZ. Known for their top-notch wiring harnesses, etc, by December 2018, they'll have a whole new line of plug and play LEDs for your Harley-Davidson scoot.

Some have asked us for years now, "why not make your own LED's since you already have Badlands and make all the plug-n-play wiring harnesses?" So this year, we did just that. By Christmas 2018, we will offer over 120-new LED lighting products and what better way to headline this debut but to come out with LED Switchback bullet inserts! Just like many new automobiles, NAMZ has engineered LED inserts for bullet style/flat syle Harley Davidson turn signals that have a bright running light that will shut OFF when the turn signal is activated. The turn signal will flash from super bright Amber or Red (depending on application/location) to OFF making the turn signal MUCH more visible! Once the signal shuts off, the bright running light will come back on. So not only are we coming out with lighting products, but we're going to lead the way too! Come follow us...

For more information, visit www.namzcustomcycleproducts.com