Written on 09/15/2018
Vic Padilla

Attention all you wheelie kids! Check out this dope new seat by TUFFSIDE--their all new TUFFSIDE Wedge Seat for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This is right up your alley. Designed for stunt riders (by stunt riders)...

Yes there are a few other seats on the market, but after taking our time and developing a truly different seat pan design (instead of just another foam shape) we have finally finished the worlds first WEDGE design seat pan.

All other versions on the market are just foam, but stunt riders need to stand on the back of the seat, or kneel on the back of the seat. So this is why we came up with the wedge design which is incorporated directly into the seat pan shape. Instead of the foam just squishing down you will have no problems feeling confident with our new wedge design. If you are not a stunt rider don’t worry, we will also offer 2 foam styles configurations, and the built in back support of this seat will be much appreciated by most any rider.

Foam versions will be "Standard foam" and "Stunt foam" - Stunt foam will incorporate dense closed cell foam in the passenger section of the seat for almost no compression for stunts. Standard foam will be for everyday riders and for general comfort for both the rider and passenger. All TUFFSIDE seats are hand made to order and 100% handmade right here in the USA, Everything from molding the seat pans, mixing the foam, sewing the handmade covers -  its all done in-house everyday!