REBUFFINI - RR108 Radial 4 Piston Brake Calipers for Harley-Davidson

REBUFFINI - RR108 Radial 4 Piston Brake Calipers for Harley-Davidson

Written on 08/03/2018
Vic Padilla

Check out these rad new radial brake calipers from Rebuffini. Man, the Italians have a real knack for style on their performance motorcycle parts.

RR108 radial brake caliper 4 pistons /108mm /offset 22.5mm for Harley-Davidson™ / Custom

RR108 brake calipers come from the awareness that customers not only wants their parts to look good, but also expect for them to have outstanding performance. We invested in the best technology, high quality precision CNC machining, durability and reliability tests to obtain an extraordinary product in output and beauty. The perfect rigidity achieved by a multi-point fastening system, suitable for all recent Anti Brake-locking system (ABS) models, and good braking feel are perfect qualities for Harley-Davidson and Custom V-Twin fans.

Our brake calipers are unique, in that they are equipped with pads that have a friction surface of 26±1cm². They are available in black, red, or blue anodized. The anodized finish, specific for high temperatures, is long-lasting and the color does not deteriorate. The quality of the black anodize in all of our Rebuffini products is well recognized for its body, brilliance and long life over the years. Our radial calipers have both dust and oil seals.

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