Written on 03/02/2019

Mad Monkey Motorsports has you locked in with their new Axle Locks for 02 and up Harley-Davidson Touring bikes.

The 2002 and up Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles have an axle designed to rotate to tighten the factory belt.  This has a small flaw and that if you step up the performance of your bike, you have the possibility of the axle rotating.  This issue in itself will cause the belt to slightly loosen.  This would not be much of a thought until you aggressively accelerate.   The belt can snap tight from the slack of the axle rotation and cause a belt failure.  The M3-Mad Monkey Motorsports Axle Locks will help with holding the axle in place in these conditions. They are an excellent addition to the average stock bike, or to help prevent the performance enhanced touring bike from the same end results.  Weather you are cruising the curvy roads or racing down the strip, be sure to have the M3 Mad Monkey on your back.  

  • Fits 2002 up touring models. M8 Touring models available also*
  • Material Aluminum T-6061 both lock and shock spacer
  • Made in the USA
  • Retail 79.95 per pair w/hardware (2 Locks with appropriate hardware)

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