IRON ACES SPEED SHOP - Road Glide iPhone and GPS Mount

IRON ACES SPEED SHOP - Road Glide iPhone and GPS Mount

Written on 01/26/2014

Check out our product spotlight on Iron Aces Speed Shop's Road Glide iPhone / GPS Mount.

INTRODUCTION: There are numerous ways of mounting electronic devices (that you can access while riding) on your Road Glide. Some are ghetto, some are not-so-ghetto. Here is the best “non-ghetto” way of mounting your iPhone, iPod Touch, GPS, or whatever else you can think of, on your Harley-Davidson Road Glide.

DETAILS: The Road Glide iPhone/GPS Mount by Iron Aces Speed Shop is …well, pretty self explanatory. The mount allows you to operate an iPhone, GPS, Dynojet Power Vision or virtually any electronic device from the area just above the Road Glide’s instrument bezel. This mounting location allows the rider to keep his/her eyes on the road while accessing their device. In addition, the mounts close proximity to the Road Glide’s stereo auxiliary port eliminates the mess of long cables for playing your device through the bikes audio system. The mount is roughly the size of a credit card, and approximately 1/4″ thick. Its constructed of 6061-T6 billet aluminum and features an attractive black contrast cut finish and beautifully etched Iron Aces logo. The mount has two bolt channels for proper device centering, and five mounting holes to attach a variety of device cradles to it. Flip the mount over, and you’ll find the instrument bezel attachment points. Iron Aces includes a variety of mounting hardware and offers the mount with or without an iPhone cradle, X-Grip universal holder, or an iPhone Hardwire Kit.  Also included with the mount are detailed installation instructions and a mounting template.

THOUGHTS: The Iron Aces mount is a great accessory for any Road Glide. Its extremely versatile. There’s at least a dozen or so devices you can mount on it. If you’re really creative, the possibilities are endless. Moreover, mounted devices are perfectly positioned to keep your eyes on what matters most… the road. The Iron Aces mount is beautifully crafted to fit with the aesthetics of the Road Glide’s inner fairing. It has just enough design touches to catch your eye, but not keep it there. Since the mount is made from a single piece of billet aluminum, you won’t have to worry about pieces of it rattling off due to heavy motor vibration–its rock solid. Iron Aces was thoughtful enough to provide additional mounting hardware. Want to swap out your mounted device? No problem! Iron Aces provides you with all the extra nuts and bolts to mount whatever your heart desires. Installation is a breeze. The provided detailed instructions and mounting template will have you rocking in no time. If you’re still fumbling around with your (magnetic) tank , or handlebar mounted iPhone or GPS device, do yourself a big favor and go pick up a a mount from Iron Aces Speed Shop. It’ll clean up the look of your fairing, and most importantly, it’ll keep you focused on the road instead of your device. 

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