TOP SHOP BAGGER PRODUCTS - New Style Viper Bags and Sick Rick CVO Fender

TOP SHOP BAGGER PRODUCTS - New Style Viper Bags and Sick Rick CVO Fender

Written on 01/01/2014
Vic Padilla

Check out our product spotlight on Top Shop Bagger Products' New Style Viper Bags and Sick Rick CVO Fender.

INTRODUCTION: Nowadays, everyone seems to be producing extended saddlebags or rear fenders. In a sea full of cheap knockoffs, only a few companies have stood the test of time in the industry. One such company is Top Shop Bagger Products. Not only does the South Dakota-based company manufacture some of the highest quality fiberglass-based bagger products in the industry, but they continue to influence the direction baggers are going through their trend setting designs. In this product spotlight, were going to be taking a look at one of their New Style Viper Bags, and Sick Rick CVO Fender.

DETAILS: Top Shop’s saddlebags are hand made in the US from auto-cad designed vacuum-infused molds using Vinyl Ester resin and Aerospace fiberglass sheets. The saddlebags are cured in a gel coated mold for approximately eight hours to ensure all contours on the bags are completely formed. The fenders are hand laid using the same high quality materials as the saddlebags. Top Shop oven bakes their parts to eliminate the possibility of shrinkage down the road. Each piece then gets three coats of Slick Sand Primer and is blocked to precise specifications. Top Shop’s saddlebags come fully carpeted and incorporate a unique, industry first, “false bottom”. Their bags are available in a variety of styles and exhaust cutout configurations. Top Shop’s rear fenders are no different–each fender is also available in a variety of marker light and license plate configurations. 

Featured in this spotlight are Top Shop’s New Style Viper Bags and Sick Rick CVO Fender. The New Style Viper Bags are approximately 4″ longer than stock, and feature slant-cut sides, which allows the rider to take more aggressive turns without worrying about damaging the bags. The saddlebag’s body line begin 6″ below the top of the bag, and curves down towards the rear of the bag approximately 3″. The Sick Rick CVO Fender incorporates an aggressive looking vertex which extends downward, approximately 3″ past the rest of the fender and accompanying saddlebags. The fender also includes cutouts for Harley-Davidson’s CVO rear marker lights.

THOUGHTS: Its easy to be impressed with Top Shop’s New Style Viper Bags and Sick Rick CVO Fender. Both pieces are rock solid, yet surprisingly light. In terms of fitment, everything is perfect. All of the mounting holes are spot on. The exhaust cutout is perfectly proportion to the fender’s cutout. The saddlebags are smooth as glass, and the the body lines begin exactly where Harley’s stock side cover lines end. This is something a lot of other saddlebag manufacturers tend to overlook. The carpeted insides are awesome, and the false bottom, even better. Top Shop is the only company I can think of whose saddlebags look just as good on the inside, as they do on the outside.

As for the Sick Rick Fender, it’s just plain sick. Its aggressive looking, but not gaudy. The CVO light cutouts are perfect. The lights sit nice and flush with the fender and look great. Top Shop was thinking ahead when they decided to use a slightly flexible compound to reinforce the CVO light mounting holes. This approach ensures the mounts won’t snap over time by motor vibrations. The frenched-in license plate area fits a standard US motorycle plate, but not much else. Top Shop makes a plate frame for that area, however, I opted to use a customized LED license plate frame I had laying around. Top Shops fender support bolt fit spot on with the Harley fender support bracket–no surprises there.

All-in-all, I’m extremely pleased with my saddlebag/fender combination from Top Shop. Not only does the combo look sharp and custom, but its also functional and well-built. Its no wonder why so many custom bike builders turn to Top Shop for their bagger needs.

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