JRI SHOCKS - Twin Shocks for Harley-Davidson

JRI SHOCKS - Twin Shocks for Harley-Davidson

Written on 09/30/2013
Vic Padilla

Check out our product spotlight on JRI Shocks Twin Shocks for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

INTRODUCTION – If you actually ride your Road Glide farther than the neighborhood bar, then you’ve likely noticed that your stock rear shocks arent all that great. Why that is, I honestly don’t know (just being honest). However, there are dozens of companies who specialize in suspension systems that DO know, and have products to improve on the stock ride. The rear shocks featured in this product spotlight come from the North Caroline based racing suspension company, JRi.

JRi was founded by Jeff Ryan, a racing suspension expert whose credits include:

  • 5 Formula One world Championships
  • 9 U.S. Open Wheel Championships (CART/ChampCar and IRL)
  • 6 Indianapolis 500 Victories
  • 10 NASCAR Cup Series Championships
  • Multiple Sports Car Championships
  • Multiple Superbike Championships
  • Countless race wins in forms of motorsports around the world

JRi’s bottom line is to, “conduct a whole lot of research with high-tech equipment, utilizing the most innovative minds in the game, mixed with science and engineering, feedback from testing at race tracks all over the country and input from real racers, which equals the most advanced performance of any shock on the market.” Here’s the skinny on the shocks.

DETAILS – The JRi Harley Davidson Twin Shocks featured in this product spotlight are single adjustable rear shocks designed for Harley touring bikes. The shocks, which are available in two lengths (12″ & 13″), are designed and hand assembled in the US using the highest quality materials available. Each JRi shock is custom valved and sprung to the customer’s weight and riding profile. The top of the shock features a preload collar, which allows the rider to adjust the shocks sag. Atop the preload collar is a locking collar. The hand tightened locking collar is designed to keep the preload collar in place after any adjustments to the shocks preload have been made. Located at the bottom of the shock is a red sweep valve which can be turned by hand and adjusts the shock’s compression and rebound. Turn the sweep valve to the right (clockwise) and the shocks rebound stiffens. Turn the valve to the left (counter clockwise) and shocks rebound softens. All adjustments can be made while the shock is on the bike. JRi’s single adjustable Twin Shocks retail for approximately $700-$1,000, depending on the retailer.

THOUGHTS – After a few hundred miles and some minor adjustments to the suspensions settings, the Twin Shocks by JRi proved to be a wise, and may I add comfortable, addition to my Road Glide. The shocks provided a noticeable improvement over the stock Harley suspension in both the absorption and handling arenas. The customer support received from JRi was top-notch, and proved to be invaluable during the installation and post install adjustments of the shocks. If you’re in the market for some new rear shocks, definitely consider JRi. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the shocks on your bike were built by hand, to your specs, using race track proven technology designed by industry veterans.

For more information on JRi shocks, visit jrishocks.com or contact Howard Messner from motorcyclemetal.com. Howard has a wealth of motorcycle suspension knowledge and is also an authorized distributor for JRi shocks.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS – Its important to note that proper installation and adjustment of JRi’s rear shocks is paramount in experiencing the totality of the shocks suspension qualities. Honest and accurate riding weight profiles must be provided  upfront when ordering a set of JRi rear shocks. If not, the shocks you receive in the mail will be custom tailored to your lie, instead of the real you. If you were bungee jumping off a bridge, you wouldn’t tell the guy setting up your jump cord that you only weigh 200lbs when you really weigh 275. In both instances, you’d be in for a hard ride/landing–and thats no fun. Once you receive the shocks, you’re likely going to be given specific instructions on how to properly install the shocks. Do yourself a favor and pay close attention to the instructions. Installing the shocks incorrectly and/or haphazardly will only degrade your riding experience and possibly cause damage to your shocks–again, no fun. Although your JRi shocks arrive tailored to your riding profile, there’s a chance you’ll have to make some minor adjustments to the shocks early on. Don’t get frustrated, this is completely normal. Jot down how the ride feels, paying particularly close attention to how the bike handles over different surfaces (i.e. bumpy side roads, highways, etc.). Your feedback will allow customer support representatives to provide you with more accurate adjustment advice.