V-TWIN MFG. - Deep Style Saddlebags

V-TWIN MFG. - Deep Style Saddlebags

Written on 08/29/2013
Vic Padilla

Check out our product spotlight on V-Twin Mfg's Deep Style Saddlebags.

INTRODUCTION – There are many reasons why folks like stretched saddlebags. Some want the extra storage space they provide, others simply like the look. Unfortunately, as demand for stretched saddlebags has increased, so has the price. Nowadays its almost impossible to purchase a set of even the most basic style of stretched saddlebags for under $1000. If you are able to find a set, you’re typically looking at a cheap, poorly constructed, fiber-glass or thin plastic P.O.S., which will likely cost you more in paint-prep labor than the cost of the bags themselves. Be that as it may, good deals are still out there–they’re just hard to find. Here’s a great deal we found on a set of stretched saddlebags by a company based in New York, V-Twin Manufacturing.

DETAILS – V-Twin Manufacturing’s “deep style” saddlebags are designed as a direct replacement for stock 1993 and up Harley-Davidson bags. The bags, to include the lids, are made out of a thick, raw ABS injection-molded plastic. All holes are pre-drilled in stock mounting locations. The underside of the saddlebags are indented to accommodate a standard size muffler body. The base of the saddlebags feature a slight curve down towards the rear. They are approximately two inches deeper in the front than stock saddlebags and roughly three inches deeper in the rear.  V-Twin’s lids are almost identical to the stock Harley lids. The price on a complete set (lids included) of V-Twin’s deep style saddlebags (VT No: 49-3505) retail between $500-$600, depending on where they are purchased. The deep style saddlebag bottoms (VT No: 49-2667) retail between $340-$400.

OUR THOUGHTS – V-Twin Manufacturing offers a great looking stretched saddlebag at an unbelievable price. Based on its price alone, one might expect to receive something that was flimsier or of a lesser quality. However, this is not the case with V-Twin’s saddlebags. The bags are surprisingly thick, straight as an arrow, and unexpectedly smooth–considering their raw ABS construction. Fitment of the saddlebags is excellent. The bag’s pre-drilled mounting holes line up perfectly with the stock mounting points on the bike. Additionally, the bag’s exhaust cutouts match cleanly with the cutouts of the Road Glide’s rear fender (CVO). Clean, simple body lines, solid construction, and an attractive price point make V-Twin Manufacturing’s deep style saddlebags an excellent choice for the consumer looking to get the “best bang for their buck”.

For more info, visit vtwinmfg.com or our partners at Direct Cycle Parts.