KLOCK WERKS - Wrapper Fender and Mounting Block

KLOCK WERKS - Wrapper Fender and Mounting Block

Written on 06/09/2013
Vic Padilla

Check out our product spotlight on Klock Werks' Wrapper Fender and Mounting Blocks.

INTRODUCTION – So you just dropped some serious loot on that beautiful 21″ wheel. Congratulations! Ok, so now you just mounted that bad boy on your Road Glide. You’re leanin’ back back with your arms crossed, just admiring it. But wait… somethings not right. Its that front fender–too small. You know it; and we know it. But you try and make it work because you know some of your buddies have. You pull out the drill and start messin’ around with the mounting holes to make it work, and in the end, your only partially successful. Why partially? Well, here’s the thing… Yeah, your wheel doesn’t rub the inside of the fender anymore, but you just dropped over a grand for your wheel setup and yet your sticking with a stock fender that looks like a midget compared to your new wheel. Not a good look. On top of that, the fender is covering up a good portion of that wheel you bought to show off! That doesn’t make any sense. What you need is a fender that really works with your new wheel. A fender that shows off your wheel, not one that covers it up.

Allow us to introduce you to the Klock Werks line of front wheel fenders–The Tire Hugger Series. They were designed with YOUR beautiful front wheel in mind! In this post we’re going to be discussing one model in particular–The Wrapper fender.

THE DETAILS – The Wrapper Fender, part of Klock Werks Tire Hugger Series, is a direct bolt-on replacement fender designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The Wrapper Fender is made in the USA from a single piece of 14-gauge steel that is shaped using precision deep-draw stamping technology and a 5-axis laser. To prevent rust and corrosion, the fender is bathed in a Electrocoat (E-coat). This manufacturing process results in a seamless fender that requires minimal paint preparation and no drilling or modifications to install. The Wrapper Fender used in our application was 21″, however, they are available in other sizes. Please visit the Klock Werks website for additional sizing options.

Klock Werks Front Fender Mounting Blocks are designed to be used in conjunction with the Tire Hugger Series front fenders. The mounting blocks are made in the USA from billet aluminum and are available in a chrome or raw finish. The mounting blocks have a simple machined design on one side, and are smooth on the other, allowing the user to choose which side is visible on their bike. They are sold in pairs, and are available for a variety of Harley-Davidson models.

OUR THOUGHTS – When we received the Wrapper Fender from Klock Werks, we were impressed with its smooth finish. There were no ugly welded seams, no dings, and the E-coat on the fender looked almost as good as Harley’s stock satin-black paint. Had our Road Glide been that color, we probably could have gotten away with mounting the fender as-is. Even our painter was impressed with the fender; that’s probably why he charged us so little to paint it. Our fender needed little to no body work prior to paint. Another thing we noticed about the Wrapper Fender was how sturdy it felt. When you toss this sucker on your bike, you’re essentially adding a fork brace to your front end–the fender is that solid. However, what we noticed, and attracted us most to the Wrapper Fender, as opposed to the other (several) designs in the Tire Hugger Series, was its aesthetics–the simple clean body lines it had. We wanted a fender that enhanced, or showcased our wheel–a beautiful 21″ chrome Performance Machine Paramount wheel, not a fender that showcased itself.

The mounting blocks are pretty straight forward. As mentioned earlier in this product spotlight, one side of the mounting block has a simple machined design, and the other side is smooth. We liked this because it gave us, the customer, the choice to decide how much “flare” (for lack of a better term) we wanted to give our bike. We just so happen to install the mounting blocks with the smooth side facing up, but let’s say we wanted to really “set off” our bike prior to a show. We could very easily flip these over to show the design; providing us an additional “hey, check this out” opportunity on our bike for our buddies or curious onlookers. Again, we’ve mentioned this in past product reviews and spotlights, and that’s the issue of “attention to detail”. Something as minor as having a mounting block with a simple design on it, are little things, that when added up with other little things on a bike, really distinguish a great looking bike, from just a good looking bike.

CONCLUSION – The Klock Werks Wrapper Fender and Tire Hugger Mounting Blocks really made our 21″ wheel stand out. Anyone looking to add a 21″ wheel on their bike should seriously consider going with the Klock Werks Tire Hugger Series fenders. They are rock solid, have a flawless finish, and when combined with a great looking wheel, will undoubtedly enhance the look of your Road Glide’s front end.  There are plenty of styles to choose from, so finding a design that aligns with the look you’re going for should be a breeze.

Fore additional information on this product, visit Klock Werks, or to purchase, visit our partners at Direct Cycle Parts.