ALLOY ART - Road Glide Marker Lights

ALLOY ART - Road Glide Marker Lights

Written on 03/10/2013
Vic Padilla

Check out our product spotlight on the Road Glide Marker Lights by Alloy Art.

INTRODUCTION – Turn signals, you know you need them on your bike, but deep down inside (if you could legally get a way with it) you’d like nothing more than to just chop em’ off and be done with it. Why do we feel that way? Well, because most stock turn signals look like a design afterthought. It’s almost like the Harley-Davidson designers drew up the bike, sent in their designs for production, and then realized at the last moment that they had forgotten to include turn signals. In haste, they just grabbed some shiny piece of crap off the shelf and handed it to the assembly workers and barked, “make it work”. Well… it didn’t work. Sorry.

Luckily the guys over at Alloy Art, a Southern California motorcycle design shop, have a solution for your stock turn signal woes. Their Road Glide front marker lights are anti-bulky, and anti-ugly–and yes, they’ve put more thought into their design than their corporate counterparts in Milwaukee.

THE DETAILS – Alloy Art’s Road Glide front marker lights are a direct replacement for your stock Road Glide turn signals. They are made right here in the USA from CNC-machined aluminum and include an injection-molded poly-carbonate smoked lens. Inside the lens are three super-bright amber LEDs. The marker lights are approximately 3.5 inches  x 1.25 inches. They are available in chrome or in a black anodized finish. The Alloy Art Road Glide front marker lights are designed to utilize your stock attachment hardware. The marker lights typically retail from $150-$200 USD.

OUR THOUGHTS – Alloy Art sent us their black anodized front marker lights for review. Right out of the packaging, we could tell that these were going to look great on our Road Glide. The marker lights had some weight to them, which in our mind equated to quality. They didn’t feel cheap. We were a little surprised the marker lights didn’t come with any  instructions, but in the grand scheme of things it didn’t turn out to be much of an issue for us. If you can take off a fairing, you can install these marker lights. Installation was a breeze. We simply removed our stock turn signals, removed the nuts and bolts from our stock turn signals, and re-used them on the marker lights. Wiring the marker lights was also relatively simple. Alloy Art provided all the necessary connectors for plug and play installation. The marker lights performed just as they should–they blinked. Now I know some of you reading this are asking, “ok, ok, but are they bright enough? Will people be able to see me signaling!”, and the answer to that would be YES! The Alloy Art marker lights are just as bright (if not brighter) as the stock turn signals, and they look a hell of a lot better!


  • The Design – The Alloy Art front marker lights work with the Road Glides fairing, not against it.
  • The Brightness – The 3 LEDs in each marker light were nice and bright. Function was not sacrificed for form.
  • The Fabrication – Alloy Art’s front marker lights are an example of great craftsmanship.


  • No Instructions Were Provided – Boo. I don’t care what it is. If it requires installation, it needs instructions. Period. Always assume your customers are stupid.
  • No Bolts Were Provided – We had to re-use the stock bolts. This wasn’t difficult, but it did add time to our installation process…and we noticed that the two long stock bolts ended up being just a tad too long for use with the front marker lights. To remedy this we had to add a couple thick washers to each of the two longer bolts. We suggest Alloy Art add bolts (and nuts) to their package that are better suited for their marker lights.
  • No Running Lights – The stock turn signals also served as running lights. Not so with the Alloy Art marker lights. You can only run these as turn signals. Not a big deal, but it would have been cool if they also were running lights.

CONCLUSION – The Alloy Art Road Glide front marker lights are awesome. Alloy Art has done an excellent job of creating a sharp looking turn signal that maintains the functionality of its stock counterpart.  highly recommends these lights to anyone looking to clean up the front of their Road Glide.

Visit Alloy Art for more info or visit our partners at Direct Cycle Parts.