WINDVEST - Road Glide Windshield

WINDVEST - Road Glide Windshield

Written on 01/12/2013
Vic Padilla

Check out the product spotlight we did on the Windvest Road Glide Windshield.

INTRODUCTION: Let’s talk about wind. Some people love it in their face while riding; others don’t. You also have people in the middle that want just enough wind in their face to remind them that they are indeed riding on a motorcycle. Now in steps WindVest, a California based company that offers an effective solution for all three types of individuals.

THE DETAILS: WindVest’s Road Glide windshield is made in the USA out of high-impact acrylic. The windshield is available in several different heights (8,10,12-16) and shades (clear, light smoke, gun smoke, black). The windshield will fit on all years of Road Glides and retails between $150-$180, depending on height. Additional information can be found on

OUR THOUGHTS: WindVest sent us their 12 inch gun smoke windshield for our Road Glide. Installation was a cinch and fitment was absolutely perfect. One thing we noticed immediately was how nice the WindVest looked on our Road Glide, despite its relatively “tame” design.  The windshield’s design flows with the body lines (or curves) of the Road Glides fairing. Instead of screaming, “look at me dammit, look how sexy I am”, it just kinda sits back it cut with the fairing and says, “look at us”. I guess what I’m trying to say it, the windshield and fairing work well together aesthetically.

We were able to ride with the WindVest all over San Diego County; on the freeway, and through the city. We even experienced a little rain action with the windshield (yes, it does rain occasionally in San Diego… gasp!). The WindVest held up like a champ. The flip design at the top of the windshield worked out really well for us. We’re positive it’s the reason we experienced so little buffeting at higher speeds. Instead of wind hitting us in the face, the flip at the top of the windshield kicked with wind up and over our heads. The 12 inch windshield was the perfect height for us (5’11 rider). It actually felt like it was providing the wind protection of a much taller windshield. We were impressed. Here a couple things we liked about the windshield, and WindVest in general:

  1. The windshield kept a great deal of wind out of our face.
  2. The windshield complimented the design of the Road Glide’s fairing.
  3. We liked the fact that WindVest offers its customers soo many choices of tints and heights.
  4. We like the price point of the windshields.

As far as issues we had with the WindVest, to be totally honest… we really couldn’t find any.

CONCLUSION:  We like the WindVest, and not necessarily because it has any jaw dropping design features or anything of the sort, but simply because it works. It looks great on the Road Glide and we can attest that it gets the job done. While we can easily recommend this product to the general Road Glide community, we believe this particular windshield will resonate with those who are looking to preserve a more stock look on their bike but desire more wind protection than Harley-Davidson’s current offerings provide.