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Bagger Racing League Round 1
I think it has already been established that you would not have thought about seeing a Harley Davidson on the race track, yet now V-twitn racing is starting to gain traction. Our team was very fortunate to be at the inaguration of the Bagger Racing League at Utah Motorsports Campus. We were invited by our good friends Guerrilla Cables a local family owned and ran business out of Riverside, Ca. It was such a surreal exprience to be around all the racing teams. You really have to be there to expreince the feeling its undescricable, the camaraderie, the sound, the people, nothing compares. Here are a few shots from at Bagger Racing League Round 1.

S&S CYCLE - High Performance Flywheel Assemblies for the M8
S&S has been building stroker cranks since the 50s and has it down to an absolute art. Their latest efforts are aimed at the Milwaukee Eight platform (2017 and newer big twins) and open up a whole new level of performance for these engines. Stronger, more durable, and trued to a spec others can only dream of, these new flywheel assemblies are the best of the best to build your high performance engine around. S&S continues to impress.

CUSTOM DYNAMICS - TriBar Eliminator Harness
Custom Dynamics® TriBar Eliminator offers a plug and play way to remove the stock TriBar (OEM Part Numbers 69375-10 or 59600008) on 2010-2020 US Model Harley-Davidson® Street Glide®, Street Glide® Special, Road Glide®, Road Glide® Special, and Road King® Special.

S&S Cycle - GNX 4.5” Slip-on for HD Touring models
The M8 engine is a powerhouse, but a low idle combined with a plugged up exhaust conspire to mute the true sounds of freedom this machine was designed to roar. Not to worry, the folks over at S&S have created the GNX slip-ons with one thing in mind and that’s belting out the flag waving, eagle flying song of the American v-twin. S&S Always bringing to market top notch products.

CUSTOM DYNAMICS - Amber & White Engine Guard LED Lights
Introducing our new Custom Dynamics® Amber/White Engine Guard LED Lights! A direct bolt on installation for 1.25” engine guards, each unit adds 6 bright white running LEDs and 6 amber turn signal LEDs behind a smoked lens. Need more light? Check out this new product from Custom Dynamics.

PAUL YAFFE - Weld Wing No-Slip Super Clamp
The NEW Weld Wing No-Slip Super Clamp covers the unsightly welds and steps on 1.25" handlebars. This is a pretty cool new piece by Paul Yaffe.


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